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Prayer Request

Dr. Terry Thomas is the Pastor of the Christian Fellowship of Love Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan.
He is a talented speaker and has made an enormous impact on people through preaching the unadulterated Word of God. 


The Church continues to seek to uphold its mission.

CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OF LOVE BAPTIST CHURCH is a Bible-centered body of believers who through the preaching of the gospel is called to edify the Body of Christ by perfecting the Saints for the work of the ministry and establishing Disciples into the Kingdom of God through evangelism, thereby fulfilling the Great Commission as mandated by the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19.20.
We have seen storms and have been through the fire, but we’ll press on with fortitude, commitment, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we continue “Our Journey of Faith.” Lord, in the midst of all our challenges we look to you for strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit and pray that love permeates the membership of the Christian Fellowship of Love, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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